Looking for an Alternative
to Setmore?

Unlike Setmore, SKED isn't just an app for scheduling. SKED is a booking website with everything you need to grow your business online.

Built for Business Growth

Increase Revenue by 20%

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What makes SKED Different?
...more value, SKED includes a website

Unlike Setmore, SKED provides business owners with a business dashboard and website. SKED makes it easy to get started online without hassle or complicated plugins.

3 Reasons Why Customers choose
SKED over Setmore?

Keyv Young, Head Master Barber at Qstyler.com

Be more professional and stand out from the crowd.

SKED is a simple website template that is easy to get started as filling out a form. 

Setmore is a simple appointment booking app. SKED is more than just appointments.  

With SKED clients can find you online with your own personal website, giving your business a next level of professionalism. 

Not only does SKED manage appointments throughs it’s free appointment booking software. SKED also helps business owners manage their finances through financial reporting tool. 

Setmore is an appointment calendar tool that is not customized specifically for businesses in need of a holistic management solution.

Get paid for your time upfront.

If your business is located in the Caribbean, Latin America or Africa, Setmore does not offer for an easy payment solution. 

SKED accepts payments through Paypal and deposits to your local bank account. 

Build your booking website in 5 minutes

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