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If you have additional questions please feel free to email us at hello@skdonline.com.

Account Sign-up

You get a lot with your SKED account. For the FREE account you get an appointment calendar with automated appointment reminders, cancellation alerts and reschedule notices. This includes a custom booking page for clients to book your services 24/7.  You are also listed on SKED marketplace so persons could find you online. 

No, a credit card is not required for the free account. Only if you decide to upgrade to premium so we require credit card and payment information. 

SKED premium unlocks a standalone website for your business with your own domain name www.mybusinessname.com.  Premium is also a team plan that allows up to 10 providers. This also includes customer pre- payment via Paypal and monthly business insight reports to track your finances and business performance. 

$45 US per month. Simple transparent pricing. 

Yes. You can upgrade to premium and downgrade anytime in the SKED dashboard. 

No. You are not required to have a Paypal account for SKED premium. We process payments and deposit funds directly to your account in 5 working days. 

However, if you do have a paypal account we can send funds immediately with no wait period. 

Using the Platform

Of course. You can cancel deactivate your account anytime. 

Yes. Persons currently use a button methid where they link their SKED account via a BOOK button on their existing sites. 

However, for premium users SKED acts as a stand alone fully functioning website so there is no need to have a separate website. 

Easy. Use your booking page link as your website on Instagram and Facebook. Some clients ensure that their booking page is shared consistently on every post. 

Yes. SKED can be used internationally. We have many customers in US, Canada and Europe. Our focus has been on the Caribbean initially due to special needs in payment infrastructure within the region however, many people prefer SKED over other international competitors. 

No. We recently discontinued the SKED mobile app because of poor usage. However we are open to re-releasing if we have high demand. If you are interested in the mobile app let us know at hello@skedonline.com

Yes. We really value feedback. If you have a feature request please let us know at hello@skedonline.com. The development team will assess feasibility and you never know you may see it shortly in the product soon. We will definitely let you know if we do ! 

We do have a Refer-a- friend program that offers $25 US for every premium sign up. But if you would like to be a SKED territory reseller we are open to it. Feel free to reach out to our founder directly at kelly@skedonline.com for business opportunities. 

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