Looking for an alternative
to Acuity Scheduling?

Unlike Acuity, SKED isn't just an app for scheduling. SKED is a booking website with everything you need to grow your business online.

Built for Business Growth

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What makes SKED Different?
...No More Complicated Plug-ins

Unlike Acuity Scheduling, SKED makes it as easy as possible for for non- tech business owners to set up their website and manage their appointments online with ease.

3 Reasons Why Customers choose
SKED over Acuity?

Dr. Michelle Smith — Medical Director, Phooenix Gynocology

SKED is a simple website template that is easy to get started as filling out a form. 

Acuity Scheduling App is an appointment service that needs to be integrated into an already existing website.

SKED is an all-in one solution. 

Not only does SKED manage appointments throughs its free appointment booking software. SKED also helps business owners manage their finances through financial reporting tool. 

Acuity Scheduling is an appointment calendar tool that is not customized specifically for businesses in need of a holistic management solution.

Accuity is an appointment app that integrates with the Squarespace website builder. This means you pay for the website and pay for Accuity separately. SKED is an all in one solution with one AFFORDABLE month price. 

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