5 Tips to Create a Services List that Sells [Part I]

The Ultimate Guide for Growing Revenue for Appointment Booking Businesses

PART I: How to craft your services list to increase revenue

The first step to attracting more clients is creating your offering. In an appointment booking business, this is increasingly more important as this shows potential clients what exactly you are about and what is your skill.

For service providers crafting your offering usually comes with creating and defining a services list or package to clients.

Disclaimer this guide assumes that business owners understand the need to have an online list of services, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, business website, or google, it is no longer an option for businesses in 2020 and beyond to operate without an online presence.

Beyond social media, we recommend ALL appointment booking businesses to have their own space online through a website and own domain (www. yourbusinessname.com). This ensures your own real estate online and helps you to stand out as a pro in your field.

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Limiting the Options

This may seem counter-intuitive when creating a services list. However, it is better to create a few high-value items than a lot of options. Choice overload comes in where clients are given too many options. What tends to happen here is clients focus more on the differences in prices rather than the quality and value of the service.

We recommend editing service lists to a few high-value items that really give clients what they want.

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Seasonal Specials

To keep things fresh, we recommend having 1 or 2 services that are seasonal; depending on special occasions, business slow times or festivals. This creates something that clients look forward. For example, around Christmas time you can offer a new service that is specially created for persons’ needs around the holidays. You can also consider offering discounts and specials around specific days or months. This could be discounted items, add on services, add on products, guest providers, get creative.

Pricing your Services List

The biggest struggle persons have is the age-old question, how should I charge? Should I use a competitor’s pricing? Should I undercut them? Or should I overcharge? The first thing we tell persons when it comes to pricing perception is reality. If you charge too low, you may be seen as unprofessional. Customers may ask themselves, does he or she know what they are doing?

If your price too high on the other hand, people will have very high expectations. Many of our SKED users price over the typical market rate. However, they ensure no long wait times, professionalism, ambiance, and A-class customer service. We love when clients charge higher, but if you do choose this route ensure that you are able to back it up with customer service that SURPASSES customers expectations.

2 Tips from the Psychology of Pricing

  • Customers tend to choose one of the first items they notice. As such we recommend directing a person’s attention to your top services. With SKED you can choose a featured service or add service images for the top services. With SKED you can add 4 featured services that are brought to the top and highlighted on your stand-alone website.
  • Place a second level preferred service such as add-ons and maintenance services to the bottom of your service list. Studies show that people more often notice and order from both the top or the bottom of a list.

Design & Content

How your service sound and looks is also critical in how it is perceived. Research shows that a good service name and description can increase sales by of over 27%.

We recommend getting as descriptive as possible when writing names and descriptions.

We know that some persons may take this as an opportunity to name their service something exotic and fancy. However, this sometimes confused the client and they become unsure about what the service entails.

As such it is also important to be simple, informational and always be specific in letting the client know what they are getting in their service.

In creating a services list on SKED, we advise highlighting the service with a photo for more visual clients. However, ensure that the photos are professionally done and displays your best work. Consider hiring a photographer but even if you do not, ensure that there is good lighting, background and consistent positioning when taking photos.

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Add Products to Your Services List

Many service providers add products to their business as a way to increase revenue. This is a great idea as a way to bring in extra income. When choosing an add on product it is important to choose something that is complementary and related to your service.

Some people add on products at location such as food, drinks etc., this is a great value add. But choosing a related product will position you as an expert in your field in the minds of customers.

At SKED we go a step further. Adding products are fine but rather than separating products as an add on business we suggest bundling. With bundling you add products to the service to create a higher value offering to your clients.

If done well client can feel like they are getting an all in one solution for that niche and will improve loyalty. If it something that they already need to purchase outside of the service, why not bundle it to create a better experience for your clients.

This is a critical part in the SKED Value Added Model for service businesses and has been proven to put you on the right track to growing your appointment booking business.  

Sell Follow-up or Maintenance

If your core business requires providing a service that you may see your client less often. Maybe a one-time service, or once a month, or 6 months. Consider adding a follow up or maintenance service to your product offering. This can be done by creating a cheaper follow up or maintenance service.

Additionally, you can consider creating a double bundle service that includes:

1 main service
1 product to last one month
1 follow up service

Keep learning how more on to grow and improve your service business.

Next Up:  PART II: How to run a successful appointment booking business to ensure consistent revenue.

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